Consuming, fat-burning pants


Consuming, fat-burning pants

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Do you go to the gym a lot? Do you want to lose more weight?

Make your workouts more effective with these Consuming, fat-burning pants!

It is worn just like any other shorts, but thanks to its material, the body temperature and perspiration increase, thus also the weight loss!

Use these pants during training to achieve your dream figure in less time!

Shape your figure like the pros!

With these pants, you can increase the efficiency of your training!

Thanks to its material, the temperature under it increases, thereby increasing perspiration!

Achieve your dream figure with the help of Consuming, fat-burning pants!


  • Size
    - S - 36
    - M - 38-40
    - L - 42-44
  • Composition: 90% neoprene (2 mm thick), 5% nylon and 5% terylene
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