Fishing Bucket EVA Multifunctional Foldable Fish Protection Container


Fishing Bucket EVA Multifunctional Foldable Fish Protection Container

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  • Multifunction

It is very suitable for fishing, storing live fish, camping, outdoor water fetching, irrigation, and other outdoor activities. Or as a water container for outdoor travel and car washing

  • Mesh cover design and pump side pockets

The zippered net cover of this bait bucket is convenient for you to put the fish into the bait bucket. There is a filter net inside the bucket with a high-quality zipper, which is convenient for watching the fish and prevents the fish from jumping out. At the same time, it keeps fresh air in the bucket to prevent the live bait from jumping out. At the same time, let in more oxygen, allowing your fish to live longer when traveling. You can also put an oxygen pump in the side pocket to make the fish and shrimp live longer.

  • Humanized handle

ergonomic handle, easy to carry and comfortable, long rope, can be used as live bait in the water, placed when not in use, does not occupy the space on both sides, feel comfortable.

  • Material:

This folding bucket is made of waterproof EVA, which has good water absorption, water resistance, and impact resistance. It has a strong leak-proof function and is safe to use. You can bring fish and water too far away without leaking.

Space saving and super convenient

  • Easy to carry

The bait bucket can be easily folded in backpacks and suitcases to reduce space occupation, with adjustable shoulder straps and portable handles; with adjustable shoulder straps, no additional handles, lighten the burden of carrying, easy to carry, for your camping trip Come more convenient, without any carrying burden.


Material: EVA


40#(length:15.7inch,  width:9.4inch,  height:9.4inch,  capacity:,weight:1.9lb)

45#(length:17.7inch,  width:10.2inch,  height:9.4inch,  capacity:,weight:2.1lb)

50#(length:19.7inch,  width:11.4inch,  height:10.2inch,  capacity:,weight:2.2lb)

Color: black、orange


This product does not include oxygenation pumps. Do not use sharp objects to pierce, do not burn, and do not put boiling water.

Package includes:

1 x Fishing Bucket 


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